Make yourself at home

Make yourself at home
Every day the world experiences the influence of human, who leaves waste everywhere. Packaging from various things became a part of landscapes, regardless of common sense. A level of contamination grows up. Nature cries loudly and waves with its arms.

In this series, I interact with household wastes at-home atmosphere, where the wastes change. They transform into the objects of the interior, clothes, and accessories, losing a usual view. Created by me, objects log into the space as if they were in their place. But it actually is not.

The series of pictures is like an illusion with the help which a person tries to go from ecology problems. A human thinks he may not decide this question. But we go closer to ecology catastrophe with every bottle or packing left in a forest. Scattering wastes in natural places and the city area is not a norm. As well as it is not normal at home.

Every person may care about the world. For a destructive power, there is always a constructive power. And these powers are inside the person. It is only necessary to choose the right way.