Olga Dyakina is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. She was born in 1990 in Konakovo, in the Tver region. In 2014, she graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Literary Creation in Moscow. A graduate of the "Docdocdoc" School of Contemporary Photography and the "Fotografika" Academy of Documentary and Art Photography.

In personal projects, she addresses themes of the human psyche and sensory experience, memory, and the relationship between humans and nature. She works with photography, text, art objects, and digital collages. Since 2017, she has lived in Saint-Petersburg.




— 2023-2024 Poetry course: how to write poetry and perform. Evgeniya Korobkova, Dmitry Vedenyapin, Boris Pavlovich; grant program finalist | Creative Writing School

— 2021-2022 Academy of documentary and art photography "Fotografika", grant program finalist | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2019-2020 The school of modern photography "Docdocdoc" | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2008-2014 Institute of journalism and literary creation | Moscow, Russia


Selected group exhibitions

— 2024 "Echoes of Family Relations 2024", KC Dorćol | Belgrade, Serbia

— 2023 Photo Annual Exhibition, GCPL | Duluth, Minnesota, USA

— 2023 "Dressed on the inside" Exhibition, Eight Four Gallery | Novosibirsk, Russia

— 2023 "Planet B" Exhibition, Sevkabel Port | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2023 F-Stop Magazine online exhibition | Open Theme

— 2023 Library and Art-Residence "SHKAF", site-specific exhibition "Corner" | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2023 Beriozka Gallery | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2023 Lenscratch online exhibition | The favorite photograph you took in 2022 exhibition

— 2022 Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, exhibition "Okay, I'll think about it" | Moscow, Russia

— 2022 Cultural Center "Steamship Office", exhibition "To the city and the world" | Tyumen, Russia

— 2022 All-Russian exhibition "Young artists" | Orenburg, Russia

— 2022 Youth Center for Contemporary Art | Ulyanovsk, Russia

— 2020 Art-gallery "Vorota" | Kaliningrad, Russia



— 2024 Superpresent Magazine 

— 2022 Takie Dela "Eight Somnambulists" project

— 2021 Seasons of life

— 2021 Private 

— 2021 Republic 



— 2021 College Photographer of the Year CPOY 76, Columbia, Missouri, USA | Interpretive Project Award of Excellence "Make yourself at home"


Contemporary art markets

— 2023 Contemporary Art Market Elephant in the Louvre



— 2024 Inclusion of the zine "What Ducks Dream of" in the collection of the Library and Art Residence "SHKAF" | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2023 Jury member of the festival of site-specific art in libraries "No Place" | Saint-Petersburg, Russia

— 2023 Art forum "Base", Library and Art-Residence "SHKAF" | Saint-Petersburg, Russia