Artist Statement

A significant part of my artistic practice is working with words. I wrote my first poem when I was six years old, and that’s when I felt wanted to pursue literature for the rest of my life. My professional journey as a writer began in 2008, when I started writing short stories. I include seven years of silence in the author’s formation. Photography was unlocking the dormant flow and helped me to allow myself to be.

I’ve been making visual art since 2020. I work with small series. My dominant mediums are photography, text, digital collage and art objects. I also use found objects. In terms of form, I am close to the principles of minimalism, where an author achieves the concentration of meaning through verification. I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist. I like it when an idea is translated through a bundle of mediums. It adds depth to the concept and broadens the viewer’s perception. For me the idea, the observation and the search are primary. Giving form to the unconscious. I love the experiments and weirdness. And thanks to it, I transcend my own boundaries and limitations of artistic mediums.

In my projects, I address the ecological agenda. I not only expose the traces of man in nature. But also I try to find ways of recuperation of the lost connection between man and the environment. Dialogue with nature and the creative power of the individual play a key role for me. I am interested in the human being from an anthropological point of view. His sensory experience, the peculiarities of psyche and memory. Also, interaction with living beings. Not from the position of anthropocentrism, but on a par with other species. I perceive the world as a single organism where everything is interconnected. And one thing flows into another softly. Like a tree with many trunks and roots or a large mycelium with countless hyphae. I want to identify as many of these surprising connections as possible, and to enter the territories of the understudied. It is also important for me to show the variegated beauty of the routines. It which seems to be always there by default, but often becomes invisible in everyday life.